World Famous Dance Studios

The dance studios we have collected here are among the best in the world. Although few people will ever be lucky enough to participate in the dance sessions being held here, it is always fascinating to observe how they operate, and how they came to be so successful.

The Juilliard School

This magnificent dance school specializes in artful dancing. Lucky students are treated to a multifaceted educational plan that will get you on your way to a professional dancing career.

New York University

For you to be accepted into a dance class here, you will need to leave your shyness at home. To qualify, candidates will need to play out a performance dance over a couple of minutes in front of a table of judges.

Steward University

If you have an interest in expressive dancing, you might want to take a look at this one. Students from this university have achieved world-renowned acclaim for their expressive dance performances.

Florida State University

Pull out your dance skills in the historical Montgomery Hall. You may just be lucky enough to sign a deal with the choreographic association on your road to success.

Do More Research

Don’t let us decide for you what the best dance studios are. You may just live close to an exceptional dance studio and not know it. It is worth doing some of your own research to get a better idea of the dance studio that will be right for you.

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